Gold Package

The ultimate personal MilesHusband coaching. He'll sit down with you four times a year to review your portfolio of credit cards, he'll recommend the best cards you should be using to more quickly see your travel dreams come true.

This package includes MH booking one international trip for you making sure to maximize your points and miles for the best trip and airline possible.


Hacking Airline/Hotel Elite Status

You're thiiiiis close to making that next status level with your preferred airline or hotel frequent customer program. But you're not sure if you can make it. Pick one airline or hotel program and have MilesHusband guide you through the steps and ever-changing rules to get you to that next desired level.




Award Booking Service

Have miles but can't figure out a way to use them? Let MilesHusband book your trip for you using his secret sauce way of making miles go further than you knew possible.

$300 for a basic ticket

($450 for a complex ticket)


Credit Card Review

MilesHusband reviews your current portfolio of credit cards and recommends a single card you should be using to help your travel dreams come true more quickly. A small taste of the comprehensive coaching you get with the Gold Package.

$89 per card recommendation

Next Steps...

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