Meet The Miles Husband Team

Trent Swanson, MilesHusband

When he’s not researching and implementing the latest twists and turns of the miles-points chasing game, Trent Swanson runs an IT consulting firm helping major corporations find solutions to their most intricate technology challenges.

Nothing gives him goosebumps more than talking about earning and burning miles.

His morning coffee is a close second. This particular cup enjoyed in Costa Rica where we flew and stayed on points, of course.

Trent Swanson is MilesHusband bringing you the latest information on earning and burning frequent flyer miles.
Daryn Kagan, MilesWife

Why, yes, that is a penguin hanging out over Daryn’s left shoulder. He was a new friend we met on a family trip to South Africa as we hung out at Boulder’s Beach. In addition to being one fine points chasing partner, Daryn is a former CNN anchor who now runs, the web’s one stop destination for uplifting and positive news.  She’s also an author and syndicated newspaper columnist. Her column, “What’s Possible,” runs in newspapers across the country.

Ro & Kendall, MilesOffspring

Our girls knew how to navigate an international airport on their own by middle school. Poor things don’t know what it is to shop in a store instead of online through a portal.  They complain until we are taking off for our next international adventure.

Kendall is a now a freshman in college.

Ro is a high school senior.

Our Story

It started with a pair of shoes.

In 2010 I read an article about earning frequent flyer miles without flying.

It was all about you could earn miles on money you were going to spend anyway.

I knew this was too good to be true.

So I tested it.

Went through an online portal to buy those shoes.

And much to my amazement earned enough miles with that single purchase to fly my wife and me to Miami.

I was intrigued, to say the least.

I’ve since learned I could’ve used those same miles to fly my wife and me all the way around the world.

Yeah, I’ve learned a lot.

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