How Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Supplies Can Earn You 36 AMEX Points Per Dollar

Does your shelter-in-place Zoom ‘do need a bit of quaran-taming?

Are you dreaming of some luxury travel some time in the future?

Shop at using Rakuten’s shopping portal and earn tons of valuable AMEX Membership Rewards for premium travel.

Here’s how it works

AMEX cardholders, cuten your coiffure and earn 36 AMEX points per dollar at when you shop using the Rakuten shopping portal.

Steps You Need To Take

Follow these steps to stockpile the points on products you need to buy now more than ever.

In your online account, add the AMEX Offer, Spend $35, get 1,000 Membership Rewards Points” at (note- this offer is targeted- not all AMEX cards will receive this offer) AMEX Offer

Pro Tip!

Apply the offer to the AMEX card that earns the most points per dollar. I used my American Express Blue Business Plus that earns 2 points per dollar on all purchases.

Sign up for your account and earn 3,000 bonus AMEX points after your first purchase of $30. Important: Make sure your Rakuten Account Settings are set to getting paid in American Express Membership Rewards rather than in cash back.

Set your Rakuten rewards to earn AMEX Membership Rewards rather than Cash Back

Click through to from your Rakuten account (earning 10 AMEX points per dollar at time of post)

Rakuten Shopping Portal earns 10X AMEX Points at
Click the Shop Now button to navigate to to earn AMEX Points on Purchases
This window registers the click through from Rakuten to
The landing page

Spend $35 or more ($39 to unlock free shipping) and earn 1,000 bonus AMEX points

Check out using your AMEX card.

Look how much you’ll earn!

The haul?

A $39 purchase generates:

  • 1,000 bonus AMEX Membership Rewards (by redeeming the AMEX offer)
  • 390 bonus AMEX Membership Rewards (by logging into account prior to clicking through to
  • 39 AMEX membership Rewards (by using your AMEX card for the purchase)
  • 3,000 bonus AMEX Membership Rewards for new Rakuten accounts ($30 spend minimum)

That’s 4,429 AMEX points earned for $39 in spending- on stuff you need to buy anyway.

Remember to price compare on Google Shopping to be sure you’re not overpaying.

Who’s headed to via Rakuten to earn tons of AMEX points on hair essentials?