Using Your Expiring AMEX Airline Fee Credits by Year-End

You want to make sure to use your free airline credits before the end of the year.

Because Airline Fee Credits Are Free Money

Premium credit cards come with hefty annual fees. Taking advantage of the card’s perks can significantly offset the annual fees, which makes your card more valuable.

If you hold the The American Express Gold® Card, The Hilton Honors Aspire Card, The Platinum Card®, The Business Platinum® Card or the PenFed Pathfinder Rewards® Card, you are eligible for a fantastic perk: Up to $250 in airline fee credits annually (fee credit amounts vary by card type.)

These credits expire on 12/31 of each year you hold the card. Use them, or lose them.

If you haven’t yet redeemed your airline credits, follow these steps prior to year-end:

  • If you haven’t already, select your preferred airline by using this link. If the link takes you to a blank web page, this means you’ve already selected your preferred airline for the year and maxed out your airline fee credits, or you’ve passed the annual deadline for changing your preferred airline. Either way, you cannot change your airline preference using this method if you receive the blank web page.

If link takes you to this blank page, you cannot change your preferred airline using this method
  • If the page for selecting your preferred airline is available using
    this link, select either American, Delta or Southwest as your preferred airline.
  • If this link brings you to a blank web page, there is another approach that will work. If you previously selected an airline other than American, Delta or Southwest, or if you want to select or change your preferred airline in order to trigger the airline fee credit, simply open up a Chat session while logged in to your online AMEX account and ask the Chat bot to “change preferred airline” (or connect to a live Chat agent and request the same).
To select or change your preferred airline, simply ask the Chat Bot

The Bot will either permit you to change the preferred airline yourself, or will auto-connect to live agent otherwise
  • From the Statements & Activity menu bar, check your activity history in your online AMEX account from January 1st of current year until current date to see whether you’ve maxed out your annual credits. Enter “airline fee” in the search field so that you limit the view to see only the airline fee credits in the list of transactions
To verify annual airline free credits awarded, select Date Range from January 1 of current year until current date

Type “airline fee” into the search box to find any calendar year airline fee reimbursements
  • If you haven’t used your fully-allotted credits, buy e-gift certificates directly on the airline’s website in the following maximum denominations in order to trigger the statement credit. (Denominations larger than the below maximums will NOT trigger the credit:
    1. Delta ($50)
    2. American ($100)
    3. Southwest ($100)
  • Purchase the e-gift card directly from the airline’s website.
  • Avoid purchases from the airline’s mobile app, as these these do NOT trigger the fee credits
  • Keep a record of your e-gift cards so you can redeem them on your next paid flight.
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