Portal Shopping To Earn Miles And Points

Portal shopping will help you multiply your frequent flyer miles.

Let’s talk portal shopping.

Just make sure you begin with the MilesHusband Getting Started page.

Portal shopping are the two magic words that will make money you are going to spend anyway make your cache of frequent flyer miles grow.

The basic concept is doing your shopping online rather than inside a bricks-and-mortar store.

Don’t shop inside Old Navy. Shop at Old Navy.com.

Don’t shop inside Target. Shop at Target.com.

That’s the basic idea.

The Magic Step To Multiply Miles

Every major airline, hotel and bank has their own shopping sites.

They simply want you to stop by their shopping website first on your way to your final destination.

American Aadvantage Eshopping

MileagePlan Shopping

SkyMiles Shoppping

United Mileage Plus Shopping

Check it out.

Pick your airline loyalty program of choice. Click over and look for one of the regular stores where you shop. You’ll find bonus miles beginning at 2x and going up from there.

Let’s say you want to send flowers to a friend or your mom.

You could call up FTD and give your credit card over the phone. You’ll get no bonus miles.

You could go directly to FTD.com and place your order. You’ll get no bonus miles.

But get to FTD.com first my looking it up on AmericanAAdvantageEEshopping.com and you’ll get 20x miles for that entire order!

Check out how 20x miles could be waiting for you by going through a portal shopping site.
Check out how 20x miles could be waiting for you by going through a portal shopping site.

Of course, every transaction is not going to be 20x miles, but when you get in the habit of doing this for the majority of stuff you’re going to buy anyway, the miles really add up!

You do need to set up a free account on the shopping portal sites of your choice to link it to your frequent flyer number.

Just in case you’re interested in getting cash back instead of miles for your purchase, I suggest you begin at TopCashBack.com.

Once you get in the groove of making one extra click, you’ll never want to stray from portal shopping.

Why let a single dollar leave your bank account without bringing you value back?


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