Inspiring Visit To Phuket Elephant Sanctuary Using Singapore Airline Miles To Get There

We used miles to fly Singapore Airlines and visit the very inspiring Phuket Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand.

MilesHusband makes MilesWife’s Phuket Elephant Sanctuary dream come true with visit to Thailand.

MilesWife, here.

I’ve decided it’s time to start sharing some of our on the ground adventures in addition to our journeys in the sky.

MilesHusband recently booked us on Singapore Suites new First Class service from Zurich to Singapore.

You can share that incredible ride with us here.

Meanwhile, we knew we wanted to stay in Singapore only a couple of days. Where to next?

I had my eye on the very special Phuket Elephant Sanctuary for awhile now.  I follow them on Instagram and dreamed of getting to visit in person.

MilesHusband made this happen by extended out tickets from Singapore to Phuket.

Got a minute to visit paradise?

Here you go:

Now you might want to check out the incredible flight we took to get to this side of the world on Singapore Airlines new First Class Suites–12 hours of over-the-top luxury! You can ride alone with us here.

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