Great Delta Airlines Hack When You Want To Use Miles & Points

Great hack for using frequent flyer miles and points to fly Delta Airlines

You will want to tweak the way you earn and burn to get the best value

MilesHusband has made no secret that he’s not a big fan of Delta Airlines SkyMiles program.  The value simply is not there compared to other programs.

However, there are travelers who won’t give up flying Delta.

If that’s you, here’s a few tweaks you should make that will make your frequent flyer life so much happier and more valuable.

Change the way you earn points

So many Delta enthusiasts carry at least one American Express credit card that earns SkyMiles.

You need to stop. 

Are you using a card like this one? You need to stop.

You are losing so much value by limiting your currency to SkyMiles only.

A great alternative is an American Express card that will earn you Membership Rewards.

These are some great options.

You can easily transfer Membership Reward points into your SkyMiles account if you want to fly Delta, but keep reading for an even better way to use them.

Check out the difference in value

MilesHusband ran a little experiment.

He looked at what it would cost to book the same flight on the same day using different currencies.

Atlanta > London, Business Class, one-way.

When he tried to book that on using SkyMiles, you can see it would cost an eye-popping, outrageous 280,000 miles!

280,000 SkyMiles? Talk about Skyway robbery!

But go on the Air France website and you can see they only want 70,500 Flying Blue miles for the exact same seat on the same Delta plane.

Ooh la la! Isn’t this so much better?

You say you don’t have an Air France Flying Blue account?

No matter.

That is simple, quick and free to set up here.

Transferring Membership Rewards into your Flying Blue account is usually instant.


  • Switch your credit card earn from a card that only earns SkyMiles to one that earns Membership Rewards.
  • Book Delta frequent flyer trips on
  • Here are some great options for earning American Express Membership Reward points: 

AMEX Gold Card

4X at Restaurants

4X at Grocery Stores

50K points bonus after $2K spend in first 90 days

$250 annual fee

AMEX Business Blue Plus 

2X points for every transaction where AMEX is accepted

$0 annual fee

10K points bonus after $3K spend in first 90 days

Apply using your SSN if you don’t have business. You qualify as a business owner as long as you have sold or plan to sell any product or service in past year or in upcoming year (e.g., garage sale, Craigslist, ebay, coaching services.)

AMEX Everyday Preferred

3X at groceries

2X at gas stations

20K points bonus after $1K spend in first 90 days

$95 annual fee

Leave any questions in the Comments section below and MilesHusband will weigh in. Or leave your favorite Delta booking hack.

Know an over-the-top Delta fan? Share this hack with them and they will love  you forever!

**Some of these credit cards pay an referral bonus to MilesHusband once a customer is approved and meets minimum spend. However, MH only recommends cards he completely believes in and stays away from others that might simply pay out a higher bonus.

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