Get Triple Miles For Every Dollar You Spend On Amazon

That place where you spend too much money.

The shopping mall at your finger tips.

What if you could get three miles for every dollar you spend on

You can.

This is a simple promotion offered by JetBlue Airways.

Use the points to fly JetBlue or check out how you can use the miles on Hawaiian Airlines.

You can get your basic primer on portal shopping here.

Then follow these easy steps:

-Set up a free TrueBlue frequent flyer account.

-Go to and sign in.

-Click on the drop down window, “What Do You Want To Do Today?”

-Select “Our Partners.”

-In the middle of the page you will see the logo. Click on “Learn More.”

Earn triple JetBlue miles for shopping on Amazon.

-Click on “Shop and Earn.”

Earn triple miles for shopping on Amazon.

-This will take you to where you go about your shopping as usual, only this time, every dollar you spend will earn you three JetBlue points!

-One note: Make sure you don’t have open in any other browser window when you click through. You might want to restart your computer before going through the above steps to make sure no leftover “cookies” keep your JetBlue affiliate points from going through.

What is your trick for shopping on

Will this trick change how you shop?

Please share in comments section below.

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  1. Amazon has a great program called “Amazon Smiles” where 0.5% of your purchase is donated to the nonprofit of your choice. Will participation in the JetBlue thing affect that? (PS–tell Daryn I said hi!)

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