How I Earned More Than 11,000 Miles By Paying Our Mortgage

The $67 In Free Cash Was A Nice Bonus, Too!

How I earned 11,000 miles by paying our mortgage.

“Can I earn miles by paying my mortgage?”

It’s one of the most common questions I get.

The answer, “Yes, always.”

The catch is, you don’t always want to because fees cancel out the value of the miles earned.

However, this weekend I was able to take advantage of some promotions that allowed me to avoid fees and even make some bonus cash back.

I enrolled each of our AmEx cards on every AmEx offer at a favorite office supply store.

Then, I took advantage of a sale on MasterCard gift cards–  $5 off of every $200 card.

To max out the deal, I bought enough gift cards to pay three months of our mortgage in advance.

I bought the gift cards using my AmEx cards to trigger all the instant rebates.

This is a beautiful sight from my email Inbox showing the promotions worked as I earn miles paying our mortgage.

I created a Plastiq account and I created a MasterCard MasterPass digital wallet. This is important because Plastiq and MasterPass are running a promotion through 9/30/2018 that allows you to make unlimited payments of up to $250/payment without any fees when using any type of MasterCard. Those fees are usually 2.5%.

I came home and added all the MasterCard gift cards to my MasterPass digital wallet.

I scheduled all my payments in $200 for our mortgage.

My spreadsheet showing how I earned thousands of miles by paying my mortgage.
My spreadsheet showing how I earned thousands of miles by paying my mortgage. Notice the $67 in free cash I got on top of the miles.

Admittedly, this might seem a bit over the top for most folks.  But the truth is, you could earn your significant miles by using this system to pay one month of your mortgage, rent, or utilities.

Do you have a question for MilesHusband on how to earn or burn miles?  Simply post here and I’ll get right back to you.

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