Best Way To Use Your American Express Membership Rewards Points

How About Cashing In Membership Rewards For Some Luxury Travel?

Reader David W. recently posed a question: “I pay all of my business expenses on my AMEX card and
earning me upwards of 400,000 miles per month. What is the best way to use these points?”

First of all, 400,000 points per month! Yowza.  Good to be you, David W.!

Even if you’re not earning that many points as quickly as David, here are some of the best ways to use those points.

Of course, uses of points and miles are highly subjective. Depending on where you want to go, how many are
traveling, and whether you want coach or luxury first-class pampering, everyone creates their own
definition of “best.”

Bali Here You Come

Use American Express Membership Rewards points to fly from Los Angeles to Bali in Singapore Airlines First Class.

You can fly from Los Angeles to Bali in International First Class on Singapore Airlines.
a. Cost: 88,000 Membership Rewards each direction, transferred to 88,000 KrisFlyer
miles. This would cost you about $14,000 round trip if you were paying in money instead of miles.

b. Value: It is one of the best First Class experiences available. The service, you can pre-order your food with their “Book the Cook” service. Choose from dishes like Lobster Thermidor, fine champagne and wines, and best-in-
class onboard service. You also get entrance to Uber-exclusive The Private Room in Singapore
is included with your airline reservation. It’s consistently rated Top 5 lounge experience, with
white napkin fine dining experience while awaiting your flight.

US To Europe In Business Class

Use Membership rewards to fly business class to Europe.

You can fly from many destinations in the US to Europe in Business Class using Aeroplan miles.
a. Cost: 57,500 (or fewer) Membership Rewards . That is price each direction. Again, you transfer your Membership Rewards points into your Aeroplan account that you can set up for free. This would cost you about $7,800 round trip when paying with money instead of miles.

b. Value: Pick your favorite European destination. Be sure to fly on Brussels Airlines,
Scandinavian Airlines, Turkish Air, Swiss Air or United Airlines to avoid fuel surcharges.

Luck Of The Irish

Fly Boston to Dublin in Aer Lingus Business Class using British Airways Avios 
a. This will cost you 37,500 Membership Rewards each way once you transfer your Membership Reward point to your Avios account which you can set up here.
This trip would cost you about $6,100 round trip when paying with money instead of miles.

b. Value: The fewest miles from US to Europe in business class. All transatlantic flights
have the new, fully lie-flat business class installed, so no need to hunt and peck for
specific aircraft to avoid inferior seats. However, you’ll want to select the A330 rather
than the 757 if interested in online surfing while on board.

How Can I Earn American Express Membership Rewards?

You’re starting to see the beauty of using a credit card that doesn’t restrict you to one airline or hotel?

Here is a card I recommend for earning Amex Membership Rewards:

AmEx EveryDay Preferred Credit Card

Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card for earning Membership Rewards.

You will earn 20,000 Membership Rewards when you spend $1,000 in the first three months after opening this account.

You’ll get 3x points when you shop at supermarkets.

You’ll get 2x points for what you spend at gas stations.

The annual fee is $95.

*I do receive a commission for every card that is approved, however, be assured I only recommend cards that I like and use myself.

How are you using your Membership Rewards?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Do you have a question about your miles and points?  Feel free to post here on this page.



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