British Airways Makes One Great Kid’s Christmas Wish Come True

Who Knew One Kid's Smile Could Be So Big?

British Airways found a way to make a Christmas Wish come true early this year for one special kid in Britain.

The company was delighted to surprise a 12-year-old football fan, Finlay Sangster, who has cerebral palsy.

Finlay’s mum, Gail, wrote to the airline to ask for some Christmas BA Magic for her son. Finlay has a severe form of cerebral palsy, which sees him relying on adult support for everyday tasks. Gail explained that despite Finlay’s difficulties, he has an amazing can-do attitude to life and his resilience truly shines through.

Gail told British Airways that Finlay has, for the last two years, dreamt of being able to play football games on Xbox with his friends and family.  This hasn’t been possible for Finlay as he has very little hand control and can’t use the standard computer games controls. After a lot of research, Gail found a charity the south of England, but didn’t think they’d ever be able to take Finlay there. That was until British Airways stepped in!

Do you want to surprise someone special?

British Airways would love to hear from you on their BA Magic page.

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