Get $11 Off Your Next Uber Ride

Just The Beginning Of The Awesome Offers Through The Ibotta App

Get cash back for every Uber ride through Ibotta app.

How about getting $11 off your next Uber ride?

Sometimes it’s about getting miles.

Sometimes, the cash back deal is too good to pass up.

That’s the case here with this deal.

MilesWife, here.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Ibotta app on my phone.

Basically, Ibotta is a shopping portal for your phone.

Get as much $11 cash back off your next Uber ride using the super simple Ibotta app.

And, of course, you know all about portal shopping because you’ve read the MilesHusband explainer on portal shopping in the “Getting Started” tab.

I’ve been using Ibotta for the past year or so to get money back from grocery shopping. It’s kind of like coupons without the clipping and hassle.

They’ve expanded to so much more.

That includes Uber.

This is how it works.

Click here to set up an Ibotta account.

Download the Ibotta app on your phone and log in.

When it’s time to take Uber, simply look for the Uber icon in the app.

This will get you to your Uber account and you use it like normal.

Only this time, you’re going to get money back.

As soon as you complete the Uber ride, Ibotta will deposit $1 in your Ibotta account for taking the ride.

You’ll also get an additional $10 in your Ibotta account for using the app for the first time.

You’ll continue to get another $1 in your Ibotta account every time you ride, as long as you get to Uber through your Ibotta app.

Some Full Disclosures

Ibotta is an affiliate program.

That means if you get to the website and sign up through my link, I get some money.

The good news is, so do you.

You get $10 for signing up and if you refer any friends, you’ll get $5 every time each one of them signs up.

Also, one tiny hassle–the first time you get to Uber through the Ibotta app, you’ll need to sign into your account. This only happens the first time. After that, it’s just the one extra step–Open Ibotta, click Uber and you’re good to go.

Also, the Uber promotion tends to come and go on Ibotta. Usually when it’s up, it’s there for the entire month.  Though, it’s not permanent, I think once you start using Ibotta, you’ll find all sorts of other deals on there besides just Uber.

Please let me know how it’s working for you and if you find you’re using Ibotta for other things like the grocery store, Amazon, drug stores, and a lot of restaurants.

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